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Fend Domestic Applications

Take a look around an every day home and most items you lay your eyes on can be Fended to protect against stains, smells and growths like mould and mildew. From exterior porous surfaces prone to staining and growths, to personal items, to soft furnishings, here are a few of the most common:

Some common applications for our products:

Fabric & Footwear



Soft Toys


Soft Furnishings

Glass & Ceramic

Shower Glass


Ceramic Tiles

Solar Panels

Outdoor Surfaces

Plaster Cladding

Untreated Timber

Stone walls and cladding


Bricks and Pavers

Treated vs Untreated

Check out the Fend difference on some every day items like clothing, footwear, cushions, covers, and vehicle and household glass.

Where can I buy Fend?

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