What do you want to protect?

Fend Glass & Ceramic

Keep your glass and other glazed surfaces cleaner and clearer with Fend Glass & Ceramic. Forms an invisible, hydrophobic yet breathable protective layer.

Improved wet weather visibility

Self-cleaning layer effect

No change in clarity or colour

How to apply

Watch and learn. Check out this short video on how to apply Fend Glass & Ceramic.

Where can I buy Fend Glass & Ceramic?

Fend Glass & Ceramic is a spray on solution which dries to form a clear, flexible coating. It can be applied to almost any hard, non-pourous surface, and is specifically designed for glass and ceramics. Fend Glass & Ceramic can sprayed on easily, creating a hydrophobic (waterproof), anti-microbial, easy-to-clean barrier that will last from one to several years, depending on abrasion to the surface.


Automotive Glass

Marine Glass

Aviation Glass

Domestic Glass

Solar Panels

Bathroom Glass & Ceramics

Kitchen Glass & Ceramics

Glass & Ceramic utensils

Glass Lens Protection




Food safe

Improves bad weather visibility

Stain prevention

Zero growth surfaces


Self cleaning surfaces

Eco-friendly – Non-toxic

Durable protection