What do you want to protect?

Fend Outdoor Surface

Prolong the clean look of pourous outdoor surfaces like plaster, concrete and timber with Fend Outdoor Surface. Help reduce unsightly growths and slip hazards too.

Helps prevent moss, mould and lichen

Helps prevent water damage and stains

100% breathable and flexible layer

How to apply

Watch and learn. Check out this short video on how to apply Fend Outdoor Surfaces.

Where can I buy Fend Outdoor Surface?

Fend Outdoor Surface is a spray on solution which dries to form a clear, flexible coating. It can be applied to almost any pourous outdoor surface. Fend Outdoor Surface is sprayed on easily and left to dry, creating a hydrophobic (waterproof), anti-microbial, easy-to-clean barrier that will last from one to several years, depending on surface abrasion.



Cinder Block




Tiles & Tile Roofs

Unstained/oiled timber

Outdoor Furniture

Painted surfaces


Hydrophobic – water repelling

Prevents capillary action

Repels stains

Durable protection

Zero mould, moss, algae, lichen


Reduced slip risk

Prevents aqua-planing

Eco friendly – non-toxic

Flexible and breathable layer