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NanoProtect opens up opportunity for Fend in Queensland

Fend in Queensland through NanoProtect

With the addition of new business NanoProtect to Fend’s growing list of resellers in Australia, those seeking Fend in Queensland are now able to easily get them.

Rhys Hargreaves, Director of NanoProtect, has been exhibiting Fend products at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show over the last four days. His main aim to introduce the brand into the marine market. Also to source potential Fend retailers of Fend in Queensland, and further south in New South Wales. Rhys approached Fend several months ago, showing keen interest in the products. Nanotechnology seems to have caught his eye. He also is a reseller of Revolution FibresXantu.Layr nanofibre veil for composite strengthening. Nanocoatings and Nanofibre both open the door for radical enhancement of surfaces and of products. On behalf of the team at Fend we would like to extend Rhys a warm welcome. We highly anticipate the growth of NanoProtect and the subsequent development of Fend distribution in Australia.

Fend in Queensland – uses

Fend in Queensland – Combine moisture with warmth and you have an instant recipe for mould and other unsightly growth on anything porous. That means fabrics, plaster, brick, cement, timber, and many other surfaces that have a capillary effect. With a million mould spores in a handful of regular soil, there’s no stopping Mother Nature in the spread of these spores. A simple gust of wind can cover a huge area, and as soon as those spores lodge themselves onto a wet surface, they start to grow. Bleaches and cleaners (reactive maintenance), not to mention drycleaning, can be expensive and don’t stop the problem.

Never fear, there is hope. By treating a porous surface with Fend, your creating a breathable, flexible, hydrophobic barrier to moisture. Fend Fabric & Footwear and Fend Outdoor Surface are both water-based so they soak into any porous item. When the water dries, every fibre of the surface Fend has touched is left with a nanoscopic glass gel coating less than one thousandth the width of a human hair – that’s so thin it is undetectable to the eye or to the touch.

What does that mean for our friends the mould spores? It means they settle on the surface and have no moisture to rely on to grow. The nanoscopically rough surface also becomes cationic (positively charged), which also makes it incredibly hard for microbes of any kind to grow on. The result is less potential for growths, less staining, less cleaning, and less cost related to getting the surface back to looking new again.

With Fend being a relatively unknown brand in Australia, Rhys is taking advantage of being a first-mover and securing relationships with wholesalers and retailers. NanoProtect’s new website is www.nano-protect.com.au and Rhys’ contact details are available through the Local Stockists section.