What do you want to protect?

Palmers now retailing Fend products

Fend ticked off another high profile retailer last week with entry into Palmers Garden Centre.


With hundreds of uses across their product range, Fend adds value to any purchase by offering eco and user-friendly protection at a great price. Some obvious uses for our products are listed below:


Fend Outdoor Surface:

Terracotta pots (stop your pots competing with your plants for moisture), timber, stone and plaster – keeping these free from liquid stains and unsightly growth like moss, mould and algae. Fend is great for any water feature which is prone to growing algae and moss that can block water flow and often become overgrown. Note that spraying Fend Outdoor Surface on water features that rely on water filming over the stone surface will create a problem because the water will simply bead off!


Fend Fabric & Footwear:

Getting out in the garden is dirty work. By Fending any fabric items you’re wearing or using like gloves, that top that you shouldn’t really be doing the gardening in, or even your shoes, you can reduce the staining and clean up time involved to get them back to their pre-gardening state.


Fend Glass & Ceramics:

If your landscaping or garden contains any ceramic tiles that are hotbeds for moss and lichen growth, you can treat them with Fend Glass and Ceramics to help keep them clean and clear. If you own a glasshouse it makes a lot of sense to keep the glass clear to allow maximum sunlight, so a Fend Glass and Ceramic treatment to it’s glass panes can certainly help. Finally, talking of sunlight, if you have a solar panel installation a Fend Glass & Ceramic treatment can help create a self-cleaning surface (water beading off it instead of filming means dirt and dust get carried away, not left behind).


Welcome to the retailer group Palmers, we’ll be pushing hard to see Fend move off your shelves and into people’s sheds and cupboards ready to use this Spring in the garden!