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Tile Warehouse now retailing Fend Glass and Ceramic

Tile Warehouse is now a retailer of Fend Glass and Ceramic

Fend-Retailer-Tile-WarehousePurveyors of beautiful tiles, Tile Warehouse now has a secret weapon to help it’s customers fight lime scale, grime and mould growth – Fend Glass and Ceramic. Ok so it’s no secret, but we’re extremely proud to be on their shelf.

You’ll find a counter unit of Fend Glass and Ceramic at the counter of Tile Warehouse on Wairau Road in Glenfield, Auckland. If you need a recap on what it does and how to apply it, enjoy our quick video below:

It works the same way on Ceramic tiles to keep them as hydrophobic as possible. It also prevents mould and bacteria growth, a huge plus for keeping your bathroom or kitchen areas hygienic.

Fend creates an invisible layer less than 1000 times the width of a human hair on your glazed surface. What it lacks in thickness it makes up for in creating self cleaning surfaces that liquids simply bead off, preventing the filming action that leaves behind dirt and deposits on your glass or ceramics. A Fended surface also is highly antimicrobial, as it becomes Cationic (positively charged). This means bacteria and mould have a really hard time growing on it.

If you’d like to give Fend a crack at your shower glass, tiles, or perhaps your car windows or even a solar panel, pop into Tile Warehouse and ask for Fend Glass and Ceramic.