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Waterproof Sheepskin now a spray away

Waterproof Sheepskin

Let’s talk waterproof sheepskin. There’s nothing quite as nice as getting your feet snuggled up in a nice pair of sheepskin boots or slippers. Also, nothing quite as awful as either a spill or a rogue puddle turning your toasty boots into a cold, squishy foot prison. Sheepskin isn’t known for it’s waterproof properties, in fact it’s quite the sponge apparently. So why then, Mr Sheepskin Brand boots, do you put a sole on them and encourage outdoor exploration!? It’s nonsensical. At least it is if you don’t offer a good solution to keeping the boots dry.

Enter Fend, the saviour of all casual Friday sheepskin boot wearers. A message to all the pyjama wearing, super-market bound women on a Saturday morning wearing their favourite pair of foot-warmers… Waterproof sheepskin is only one spray way.

Yep, that’s right. Know what that means? You’re puddleproof. Fun to say, fun to do. How often do you get to say “I walked through a puddle yesterday in my sheepskin boots”? Well now you can. Another thing – A 50ml bottle of Fend Fabric & Footwear is $12.99, and that’ll do about 6 pairs of the things, and last six to twelve months.

If you think you’re alone in your struggle, you’re not. Having wet Sheepskin boots is no isolated problem. There are plenty of options available to you, but do try Fend, there’s nothing else quite like it. Prevention is key, don’t be fooled into thinking Sheepskin dries quickly. By the time your boots are ready to go again you’re feet will have frozen to the floor!

What else can it do? Well, pretty much any fabric you can think of. As long as it absorbs Fend, it will dry and remain completely hydrophobic.

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